What is the problem

We are group of users, whose MacBook Pro has a problem with random shutdowns which makes it unable to use. This issue is permanent - it's not getting fixed neither with software updates or repair guides. We all paid more than 2000 EUR for these laptops. While buying these, we put our trust into Apple's hands - we believed that premium-priced products comes together with premium quality and appropriate customer support.

Unfortunately, there are only unique cases where Apple offered at least paid repair - for rest of the cases, the laptops are diagnosed as "fully working".

In our opinion, Apple failed with solving this issue properly. The repair requires to replace either logic board or SSD, which both costs 600 - 700 EUR and is covered with only 3 months warranty for that part. The cause itself however was not found, it's still possible that problems will appear again because the diagnosis was incorrectly identified.

We are not alone, there are multiple threads around the internet discussing this problem with a lot of people involved.

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Detailed problem description

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What do we expect from Apple?

We demand appropriate attention to this problem and finding an actual cause. We also demand a Free Repair Program for all MacBooks affected with this issue, without taking into consideration if it is under law-garanted warranty or extended Apple Care. Why? We already paid a lot of money for defective laptops and improper customer care. We paid for diagnostics which did not found any issue, invested a lot time into communication with Apple or its Premium Resellers, we travelled abroad to visit nearest Apple Store in person, we lost our data.

Now it's your turn, Apple.

I have this issue too!

Are you experiencing this issue too? We are building database of affected user to determine impact of this case. Please join our database using Google Forms.

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If you don't want to join the database, please share this page - there are probably lot of people with this issue looking for help.

How to solve the problem?

There multiple guides on how to solve the problem:

  1. Reset SMC & PRAM, article on MakeUseOf - Usually does not work
  2. Use external Wifi card, thread on iFixit - Usually does not work
  3. Utilizing one of CPU cores with Python script, thread on MacRumors forums - Not confirmed / Not working
  4. Disabling "buggy" driver, guide on outluch.wixsite.com - Possibly eliminates the issue

As you can see from the list, none of the solutions found by community is solving the problem properly or completely. You might give it a try however.

I want to help

If you don't have this problem but still want to help, please share this page between your friends, classmates, colleagues and followers. Help us raise out voice and get Apples full attention to this problem.